5 Not-So-Obvious Signs You Were Born To Be A Coach
Written by Frank Macri on February 27th, 2020
A lot of people believe they need to get their life together first before they can become a coach. This is the most common misconception that keeps amazing, gifted people from taking the plunge and becoming coaches.

The truth is, you’ll never have it fully together because there will always be a part of you that sees opportunities to grow and learn.

The key is to start before you feel ready.  

If you wait until you feel ready to do anything meaningful, you will wait for the rest of you life.

With that said, here are five signs that you may have been born to become a coach...

1. You are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. 

You are driven to support, encourage, empower, inspire and champion people. Coaches love lifting up their clients and seeing them achieve their goals.
2. You like asking questions and getting to know people.

Coaches ask lots of empowering questions. Our slogan at Thriving Coach Academy is “One Question Away” because we believe we are all one question away from biggest breakthrough of our lives. Tony Robbins said, “Quality questions lead to a quality life."

3. In general, you are an optimistic, positive person.

I once heard that average person complains about something once a minute when in conversation. Coaches are very different. Coaches see opportunities and possibilities instead of problems and setbacks. They believe in what’s possible instead of just what is.

4. You are an attentive and empathetic listener.

You are understanding, patient and able to listen to people’s struggles while being able to pick up on the subtleties of what people are saying and what they are not saying.

5. You set goals for yourself and value personal growth.

The greatest coaches love growing. They see themselves as life-long learners and seek ways to evolve.

Does this sound like you? If so, a coaching career may be the right path for you.
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Written By:
Frank Macri

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