4 Surprising Benefits To Getting Certified In Coaching
Written by Frank Macri on April 30th, 2020
When I first discovered professional coaching, I asked myself: "Do I really need to get certified? Can I just go out there and coach?"

I decided to read a couple of books on coaching and then found some people to coach. Have you ever heard the phrase, "You don't know what you don't know"? I realized that the hard way!

As I began my first coaching call, it started out smoothly. But then a few minutes in, I realized I had no idea where to take the session. I kept fumbling on my words and my confidence started to drop. The client actually requested to end the session early because she didn't feel like she was getting value.

This was both an embarrassing and sobering moment for me because I realized I had major blindspots that were preventing me from being a great coach. And no amount of life experience would resolve that because what I needed was mentorship and training.

While there are non-certified coaches who do "make it," these examples are few and far between. The chances of succeeding as a coach significantly improve when you get certified.

Here are four reasons why it's essential to have a coaching certificate:

1) Certified coaches have more credibility.
Clients much prefer working with a coach who has received proper certification because it makes them feel certain they are getting value. According to a survey by the ICF, 84% of coaching clients said coaching credentials were "important" or "very important" to them when considering whether or not to hire their coach. 

2) Certified coaches charge more.
Having your certification doesn't just give you a reason to charge more, but it will also give you the confidence to raise your rates because you will recognize the true value in the proven tools and skills you worked hard to master.
3) Certified coaches get more referrals.
When you go through a certification program, you aren't on the journey alone. Part of the value in coach training is connecting with other coaching students like you. Many of these coaching students will become referral partners and form win-win joint ventures with you. 

4) Certified coaches get direct mentorship.
Like any skill, it's important to receive encouraging and consistent feedback so that you can master your craft. Fortunately, some certification programs offer the option to practice coaching and receive feedback. At Thriving Coach Academy, all of our students are assigned a dedicated mentor who support them every step of the way. We also have weekly "Practice Coaching" calls, where you continue to polish your coaching skills and feel confident as you grow your coaching practice.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to get certified, remember this quote: "Success requires support. Failure we can do alone."

Having a certification will make it much easier to earn the respect and trust of others as you explore professional opportunities you took the time to master this skill.  While someone doesn't need to have a certification to call themselves a coach, having your coaching certification will significantly improve your chances of success in the industry.
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