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Student Success

Here, we celebrate the incredible journeys and achievements of our dedicated coaches who have generously chosen to share their stories voluntarily.

Joshua W.

"I'm leaving behind my career as a lawyer to pursue life coaching full-time. I am so excited to talk to people about the work I do as a coach and set my own schedule."

Stephanie L.

"I've replaced my previous income with the income from my coaching business. The training is so robust. You will be so equipped for success."

Austin N.

"I enrolled two paying clients in my first week! Everywhere I go in my life, I am meeting people I know I can help."

Allison C.

"I made my first $10,000 month before even finishing the program."

Donna B.

"The Academy makes it so simple to understand how to launch a business. I easily see how I can create a $100k or more a year in my coaching business."

Victoria M.

"I have freedom. I have impact. I get to be myself. And to be paid well for that is a bonus!"

Nneka T. (Coach & Consultant)

"I've gone through a master's degree program and other trainings in the past, but this is the best professional development investment I've made in myself."

Sina G.

"I've quit my job and now work as a coach full-time. I never expected it to happen so quickly. This training changed my life on every level."

Rick H. (Life Purpose Coach)

"I am now making $20k per month."

Christopher M.

"I've paid tens of thousands of dollars over the years for different programs, and I've received a fraction of support in them compared to this one. The Academy has everything I've been looking for in a program for the past seven years."

Hojeong K.

"By my 6th month in the program, I quit my job and am now 100% a coachI am surprised by the depth of TCA and how easy they make it all so easy to follow."

Amal D. (Coach & Educator)

"Coaching has given me control over my schedule. It's allowed me to be more creative and authentic. I've found my calling. I was shocked that the training manuals were shipped all the way out to where I live in Abu Dhabi!"

Melissa K. (Divorce Coach)

"I have a paid client already and I'm not even certified yet. I see myself hitting the six figure mark. With the support of the Academy, I know I can expand while still being available for my kids as a single mom."

Maggie H.

"At first, I was afraid to put myself out there to find clients. Now, I am excited at the limitless potential and financial security I can have as a coach."

Pierre B.

"I enrolled five clients in less than six monthsAs a coach, I can let my creativity and passion bloom in a way I couldn't in my corporate job."

Romica P.

"I filled my group coaching program within my very first year of coaching."

Barb N. (Relationship Coach)

"I now truly believe I am a coach. I have a process for getting clients. I have cut down my work hours at my corporate job and plan to transition fully into my business very soon."

Grant H.

"The staff at Thriving is the best of any training organization I have been through. They want the best for you. They will challenge you. And it's fun."

Jewels D.

"As a mom of three, I've spent the last two decades taking care of my children.. This program has helped me realize it's OK to have my own hopes and dreams. In doing so, I've allowed my kids to see me as a stronger woman."

Gayle L. (Coach & Therapist)

"I am now making 4 to 5 times as much as what I was making when I was offering therapy alone."

Makayla & Tyler

"Before the program, our fitness coaching business was making less than $2k per month. Now, we are looking to bring in $5k-$10k/month."

Bill G.

"I let go of my 22-year-old successful real estate business to pursue coaching full-time. I see coaching as being more lucrative than my real estate business."

Chellie G.

"I got exactly what I needed from the program. It gave me the tools I needed to feel confident to reach out to people."

Brandon W.

"Coaching has allowed me to bring all of myself - my age, my background, my sexuality, my gender identity - and let it all come out in a way that allows me to support my clients."

Hong L.

"I am in touch with potential clients based in China. I see opportunities to attract clients in both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking markets."

Brandon F.

"A couple weeks after the first module, I had my first paying client. This client later decided to hire me again and pay me a bonus because she got so much value."

Katie P.

"By the end of the first day, I felt that my life had already changed. The training was heart-centered, well-rounded and professional."

Faye C. 

"Inside the Academy, I've met life-long friends all around the world. I've gained the confidence knowing I can be a coach and a business owner."

Sarah C. 

"The sense of community inside Thriving Coach Academy is so profound."

Leah T.

"I looked at a lot of other programs, but what drew me to the Academy was the flexible pacing of the schedule."

Tess W.

"The sense of community inside Thriving Coach Academy is so profound."

Yamato Y.

"Seeing the impact of coaching on my clients has been huge."

Amy S.

"The Academy teaches you to bring out what's unique about you."

Cathy M.

"The Academy gives the highest quality training both in coaching and in business development."

David C.

"This program support has exceeded all my expectations."

 "The training team strives for the success of each individual no matter the learning style. I appreciate the attention to building community for others to learn in a safe environment. I also appreciate the detail and the earnest given to building a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur."
- Shane S.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.

Copyright © 2024 Thriving Coach Academy

All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Thriving Coach Academy | All Rights Reserved.

Our Hands-On Teaching Methodology

We believe coaching is not something that can be effectively learned from a textbook or video course alone.
Therefore, our training curriculum is highly experiential and allows you many opportunities to practice coaching as you learn it.
Our expert trainers and mentor coaches will provide personalized feedback as you strengthen your skills every step of the way.

Unlike most other trainings, we don't teach you how to become a generic or cookie-cutter coach.

That's why we provide six specialized trainings within our program so you can stand out as an expert in the following focus areas:
Health & Wellness, Relationships, Corporate, Executive, Career & Life Purpose, and Entrepreneur.

Meet Our World-Class Training Team

Our dynamic and approachable trainers are thought leaders in the coaching industry and bring their experience coaching thousands of clients around the world.

Frank Macri

Entrepreneurship & Career Coaching Expert

Julie Danielson

Relationship Coaching Expert

Scott Verrette

Corporate & Executive Coaching Expert

Keia Del Rosario

Health & Wellness Coaching Expert

 Our modules are led by trainers who have established six-figure coaching practices.

What Our Students Are Saying...

"I've been through many personal development trainings, and these are the best trainers I have worked with. Their engagement, openness, and mastery are examples to us all."

"There is something special and real about the trainers. Their authenticity is contagious. This FAR exceeded my expectations!"

"The trainers created a respectful, engaging and safe container that makes it easy to show up and learn.

"I oversee a large corporate training department, but I become impatient and bored as a participant. This was the first time in a long time that maintained focus and stayed engaged 100% of the time.”

"My trainers were transcendent, bold, intuitive and life-changing. I am grateful I had the opportunity to become a coach and also experience personal growth."

"The trainers have amazing energy and passion for helping others. Great senses of humor – all in all perfect trainers!"

Here's The Next Step To Take

Watch Our Free 60-Minute "Coaching 101" Class.

In this class, you will learn...

  • What you need to consider before you pursue coaching

  • The qualifications necessary to thrive as a coach

  • The most important things to know about the coaching industry

  • How to choose the best coaching school for you

  • Our current tuition options

Questions? We Would Love To Hear From You

We believe our training is the best of its kind and thank you for considering it.
We also want you to feel amazing about your decision if you choose to enroll in our training.
We celebrate diversity in our classroom and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our students. We welcome students of every race, religion, sex, gender, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

If you have questions about our program, please e-mail an Admissions Coach by contacting or clicking the button below.

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