Student Success

Rick H. (Life Purpose Coach For Men)

January 2021 Income: $6k
February 2021 Income: $8k
 March 2021 Income: $12k
April 2021 Income: $14k
May 2021 Income: $20k
Total 2021 Income: $118k
Projected 2022 Income: $200k

Victoria M. (Health Coach)

2019 Income: $60k
2020 Income: $95k
 Estimated 2021 Income: $140k+

Mylene I. (Executive Coach)

2021 Income (as of August 2021): $105k
Projected 2021 Income: $200k
"I used to work 50-60 hours per week in a stressful corporate job, and now I have left that behind. I am now working significantly less hours and have already passed $100k within my first year of launching my coaching business."

Romica P. (Entrepreneur Coach For Introverts)

2020 Income: $40k
Projected 2021 Income: $100k+

Went from 1-1 coaching to a FULL group program within her 1st year of coaching

Nneka T. (Coach & Consultant)

Within a few months, was hired on-the-spot for a 12-month corporate coaching opportunity

"I've gone through a master's degree program and other trainings in the past, but this is the best professional development investment I've made in myself."

Makayla & Tyler (Fitness Trainers & Coaches)

"Before the program, our business was making less than $2k per month. Now, we are looking to bring in $5k-$10k/month."

Maggie H. (Coach)

"At first, I was afraid to put myself out there to find clients, but by Module 2 I had eight potential clients lined up and even started a wait list!"

"I am excited at the limitless potential and financial security I can have as a coach. I would not have believed that for myself if I had not gone through the Academy and learned the business aspects of becoming a coach."

Gayle L. (Coach & Therapist)

"I am now making 4 to 5 times as much as what I was making when I was offering therapy alone."

"Becoming a coach has opened so many doors for my practice. I can now see clients from all over the world and charge much more than what I was before."

Christopher M. (Hair Stylist & Coach)

"I've paid tens of thousands of dollars over the years for different programs, and I've received a fraction of support in them compared to this one. The Academy has everything I've been looking for in a program for the past seven years. "

Melissa K. (Divorce Coach For Women)

"I have a paid client already and I'm not even certified yet. I see myself hitting the six figure mark. With the support of the Academy, I know I can expand while still being available for my kids as a single mom."

Tess W. (Coach For Moms)

"My dream has been to do more than one-on-one coaching. I also want to do workshops, retreats and group coaching programs. What I am learning in the Academy aligns with that. What you receive from the Academy will set you up for success."

Grant H. (Coach & Sales Manager)

"Before I enrolled in Thriving, I had already been coaching... or so I thought. My mind was blown when I really learned the true power of coaching from being in the Academy."

"The staff at Thriving is the best of any training organization I have been through. They want the best for you. They will challenge you. And it's fun."

Jewels D. (Coach & Mom of Three)

"As a mom of three, I've spent the last two decades taking care of them and putting everyone else before me. This program has helped me realize it's OK to have my own hopes and dreams. In doing so, I've allowed my kids to see me as a stronger and more empowered woman."

Bill G.  (Coach & Former Realtor)

"I let go of my 22-year-old successful real estate business to pursue coaching full-time. I see coaching as being more lucrative than my real estate business."

Brandon W. (Coach & Performer)

"I have already launched a legal business since beginning the course and have a full calendar of those wanting me to coach them."

"Coaching has allowed me to bring all of myself - my age, my background, my sexuality, my gender identity - and let it all come out in a way that allows me to support my clients."

Hong L. (Coach & Software Engineer)

"I am in touch with potential clients based in China. I see opportunities to attract clients in both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking marketsThe Academy is more than a coaching school. You will also learn how to show up with more confidence in your life."

Adella W. (Part-Time Coach)

"I was skeptical about the virtual training being boring, but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of interactionI appreciate that I get to learn from instructors and coaches who make multiple six figures."

Brandon F. (Coach & College Instructor)

"A couple weeks after the first module, I had my first paying client. This client later decided to hire me again and pay me a bonus because she got so much value. Now, I have so many clients signing up to work with me that I needed to create a booking calendar."

Katie P. (Retired)

"By the end of the first day, I felt that my life had already changed. The training was heart-centered, well-rounded and professional. I loved that I could access the whole training from home and still get the one-on-one connection with others instructors and students."

 "The training team strives for the success of each individual no matter the learning style. I appreciate the attention to building community for others to learn in a safe environment. I also appreciate the detail and the earnest given to building a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur."
- Shane S.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.

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