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Make the Impact
You Were Born To Make.

You are already successful, but you know it's not the success you want.
It's time to embrace your calling and transform lives as a
Certified Professional Coach.

Thriving Coach Academy will give you the evidence-based frameworks, lifetime mentorship and engaging community to make the process simple and fun.

Step 5: Advanced Coaching Training

In this module, you will dive deeper into high-level coaching techniques that will allow you to remove the biggest blocks that hold people back. 

  • ​How to challenge and release deep-seeded thought and emotional patterns that get in the way of leadership
  • ​​The best practices in assessing and coaching emotional intelligence
  • ​How to communicate in the most effective way during coaching sessions
  • ​How to integrate personal stories into a coaching session
  • ​How to stay present and mindfully handle strong emotions during a coaching session
  • ​How to incorporate metaphors to create high-level awareness with clients
  • ​​The best practices in assessing and coaching emotional intelligence

This module is delivered live over a Saturday and Sunday (half-days). Our training hours are accommodating to the Americas and Europe.

We celebrate the diversity of all backgrounds and love seeing students of all walks of life have amazing success.

Our fastest growing demographics are:

• Millennial coaches

• BIPOC coaches

• LGBTQ+ coaches

Coaching Mastery Webinars

Our training does not teach you how to become a generic “life coach.” We support you in having specialized skills for different areas within coaching. As a student, you’ll also get access to our weekly Coaching Mastery Webinars, which are group trainings delivered live.

These webinars dive deeper into various different focus areas of coaching: Health & Wellness, Relationship & Couples, Executive & Leadership, Career & Life Purpose, Group and Entrepreneurship.

As a student in our program, you may choose to specialize in one area of coaching and grow a business around that topic. And for that, we give you the tools in these webinars to stand out and succeed. 

One-On-One Mentorship & Peer Coaching

In between our live training modules, you also get weekly Mentor Coaching and Peer Coaching sessions where you will practice your coaching skills and receive supportive feedback.

There is no other program that offers the high level of support we do with this training. You will have everything you need if your goal is to launch a thriving coaching practice.

We are committed to raising the quality of coaching in our industry and have a rigorous standard that we hold our coaches to as they go through our program. When you complete all of our certification requirements, the last step will be to complete a final exam. Upon completion, you are certified as a Certified Professional Coach.

Ongoing Support Post-Certification

After you complete your certification, you will still have access to a growing archive of coaching tools and resources that will keep you equipped with up-to-date material that will ensure your continued success.

You will also have opportunities to stay connected with our coach community so you can continue growing your network.

Note: Our training program is currently delivered in English.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.


 Dates to be announced. Please contact our Admissions Team to be added to our wait-list.

“I joined having no prior experience in coaching, and I didn’t really know where my coaching skills could lead to. Within a few weeks into the program, I signed on several paying clients. It was so easy because Thriving Coach Academy gave me the tools to know exactly how to find clients!”

- Brandon F.

Our Philosophy

There are two skills you need to learn to become successful as a coach:

1) The Art of Coaching

2) The Business of Coaching

Rewrite the Rules

We all have rules about who we "should" be and how we "should" live our lives. As coaches, it's our job to identify our clients' rules and help them rewrite them.

Coach, Don't Coddle

People are not victims, and you do not need to rescue, save or fix them. Real coaching is about seeing your clients as heroes and empowering them to make positive changes.

The Power of Play

Integrating playfulness in coaching creates a relaxed space for deeper exploration in sessions. It also breaks down walls while facilitating profound introspection and problem-solving.


Merely thinking positive thoughts won't miraculously transform your life. Success requires a holistic approach that combines mindset shifts with meaningful action.

You don't need anyone's permission to become a coach.

You already have everything within you to embark on this incredible journey.

Lifetime Support

One-on-One Mentorship

Small Classroom Size

The 5 Phases of Our Coach Training

The Academy is divided into five phases. Each phase is designed for you to build foundational knowledge, hone coaching skills, integrate business development, and culminate in the attainment of certification, ensuring a well-guided journey towards coaching excellence.

The Aspiring Coach

You will learn how to to confidently navigate a coaching session. You will learn ethical practices and how to establish a powerful coach-client relationship.

Concepts Covered:

  • The Coaching Arc

  • The Heroic Lens

  • Ethics

  • The Blank Canvas

  • Agenda Setting

  • Rapport & Trust

  • The Coaching Arc

  • The Heroic Lens

  • Ethics

  • The Blank Canvas

  • Agenda Setting

  • Rapport & Trust

The Apprentice Coach

You will gain a deep understanding of coaching philosophy and techniques, including active listening, powerful questioning, and goal setting.

Concepts Covered:

  • Active Listening

  • Rulebook Coaching™

  • The Thought Ladder

  • Clarifying

  • The Big Domino

  • Accountability

  • Active Listening

  • Rulebook Coaching™

  • The Thought Ladder

  • Clarifying

  • The Big Domino

  • Accountability

The Evolving Coach

You will learn how to utilize coaching skills of greater complexity, develop your coaching presence, and lay the ground work for a successful coaching practice.

Concepts Covered:

  • The Emotional Pendulum

  • Holding Space

  • Deep Questioning

  • Universal Validation

  • Peeling the Onion

  • The STEAR Method

  • The Emotional Validation

  • Holding Space

  • Deep Questioning

  • Universal Validation

  • Peeling the Onion

  • The STEAR Method

The Proficient Coach

You will learn how to refine your coaching techniques, adapt coaching approaches for diverse clients, and enroll your first series of paying clients.

Concepts Covered:

  • The Mask

  • Goals Behind Goals

  • Duality Coaching

  • Storytelling

  • Role Playing

  • Group Coaching

  • The Mask

  • Goals Behind Goals

  • Duality Coaching

  • Storytelling

  • Role Playing

  • Group Coaching

The Thriving Coach

You will learn how to coach at the highest level of competence, address the deepest blocks holding clients back, and run a sustainable coaching business.

Concepts Covered:

  • Coaching Niche

  • Organic Marketing

  • High Ticket Selling

  • Program Creation

  • Scaling Strategies

  • Consultations

  • Coaching Niche

  • Organic Marketing

  • High Ticket Selling

  • Program Creation

  • Scaling Strategies

  • Consultations

We believe every individual possesses the potential to be a remarkable coach. Our program equips you with the essential skills, knowledge, and support you need to kick-start your coaching career boldly and confidently.

Specialize and Stand Out

You won't learn how to become a generic life coach. You will discover how to stand out in the industry through accessing over a dozen niche trainings.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Executive & Corporate Coaching

Time Management Coaching

Group Coaching

Career & Life Purpose Coaching

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Finance Coaching

ICF Accredited (Level 1 & 2)

Immersive Virtual Classroom

Business Development

All-Inclusive Program Gives You Everything
You Need

  • Coach Training Manuals

  • Weekly Training Calls

  • One-on-One Mentorship & Feedback

  • Small Group Learning Cohort

  • Coaching Niche Training

  • Weekly Business Mentorship

  • Done-For-You Marketing Resources

  • Lifetime Access and Support

  • 175+ Units for ICF Credentials (ACC & PCC)

Don't settle for less than what you deserve. Your coaching journey deserves a training program that covers all these aspects. We're here to support you every step of the way.

  • 30% of our graduates run full-time coaching businesses

  • 40% of our graduates run part-time coaching businesses

  • 30% of our graduates use coaching to elevate their careers

We take pride in tracking our students' progress, ensuring transparency and accountability in our program. No matter your coaching goals, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Positive Psychology

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT)

Schedule and Timeline

You can enroll and get started at anytime. Once you enroll, you are given instant access to our online portal that will help you quickly master the basics.

You are also added to a cohort of students and will have special opportunities to connect with your cohort through the training from start-to-finish.

Our program is designed to accommodate your busy life. Most students devote about 5 hours per week to their coaching education.

You can earn your certification in as fast as six months.

We show you how to "earn as you learn". Over 50% of students enroll paying clients within their first two months of training.

We also have an Accelerated Track that allows you to get certified in three months. Let our Admissions Team know if you are interested in this path.

Grow Your Business the Smart Way

Most coach training programs only support you in just selling low-ticket coaching programs (i.e., $497). In Thriving Coach Academy, you will learn to sell low-ticket coaching, high-ticket coaching and even group coaching.

High-ticket coaching programs (i.e., $5k or $10k) are ideal for clients who want maximum value and transformation. Group coaching programs allow you to make your coaching more accessible, transforming more lives, and multiply your income.

You will learn how to take your business in whatever direction you want. You will be recognized and respected as a premium-tier coach in the industry.

Create A Business You Actually Love

  • Lifetime Access to Business Mentorship

  • Learn How To Sell A High Ticket Program

  • Learn How To Find Speaking Gigs

  • Done-For-You Workshop Guides

  • Learn How To Launch Your Own Podcast

  • Done-For-You Social Media Templates

  • Feedback On Your Marketing Materials

  • Tech Support For Your Website

  • Part-Time & Full-Time Transition Plan

We understand that the idea of marketing can be intimidating, but we're here to ease your fears. Our program offers practical, done-for-you guides that teach you how to market with integrity. No gimmicks, no sleazy tactics—just authentic strategies to grow your coaching practice.

Community & Lifelong Support

When you join the Academy, you gain access to an ongoing community and support system. We offer lifetime access, ensuring you can continue learning and networking throughout your coaching career. You can re-attend all training sessions as many times as you would like, even after you earn your certification.

Our virtual classes aren't passive lectures; they're dynamic and interactive sessions where you engage with instructors and peers in real time. These connections extend far beyond the virtual classroom, as many of our coaches find lifelong friendships among their peers.

We also recognize the value of in-person connections. That's why we host an annual retreat, giving our coaches the opportunity to come together and share experiences.

Tuition & Enrollment

Click below to access our Coaching 101 training and learn about tuition,

savings options, and the next steps for enrollment.

Copyright © 2024 Thriving Coach Academy

All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Thriving Coach Academy | All Rights Reserved.

Our Hands-On Teaching Methodology

We believe coaching is not something that can be effectively learned from a textbook or video course alone.

Therefore, our training curriculum is highly experiential and allows you many opportunities to practice coaching as you learn it.

Our expert trainers and mentor coaches will provide personalized feedback as you strengthen your skills every step of the way.

Unlike most other trainings, we don't teach you how to become a generic or cookie-cutter coach.

That's why we provide six specialized trainings within our program so you can stand out as an expert in the following focus areas:

Health & Wellness, Relationships, Corporate, Executive, Career & Life Purpose, and Entrepreneur.

Meet Our World-Class Training Team

Our dynamic and approachable trainers are thought leaders in the coaching industry and bring their experience coaching thousands of clients around the world.

Frank Macri

Entrepreneurship & Career Coaching Expert

Julie Danielson

Relationship Coaching Expert

Scott Verrette

Corporate & Executive Coaching Expert

Keia Del Rosario

Health & Wellness Coaching Expert

 Our modules are led by trainers who have established six-figure coaching practices.

What Our Students Are Saying...

"I've been through many personal development trainings, and these are the best trainers I have worked with. Their engagement, openness, and mastery are examples to us all."

"There is something special and real about the trainers. Their authenticity is contagious. This FAR exceeded my expectations!"

"The trainers created a respectful, engaging and safe container that makes it easy to show up and learn.

"I oversee a large corporate training department, but I become impatient and bored as a participant. This was the first time in a long time that maintained focus and stayed engaged 100% of the time.”

"My trainers were transcendent, bold, intuitive and life-changing. I am grateful I had the opportunity to become a coach and also experience personal growth."

"The trainers have amazing energy and passion for helping others. Great senses of humor – all in all perfect trainers!"

Here's The Next Step To Take

Watch Our Free 60-Minute "Coaching 101" Class.

In this class, you will learn...

  • What you need to consider before you pursue coaching
  • The qualifications necessary to thrive as a coach
  • The most important things to know about the coaching industry
  • How to choose the best coaching school for you
  • Our current tuition options

Questions? We Would Love To Hear From You

We believe our training is the best of its kind and thank you for considering it.

We also want you to feel amazing about your decision if you choose to enroll in our training.

We celebrate diversity in our classroom and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our students. We welcome students of every race, religion, sex, gender, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

If you have questions about our program, please e-mail an Admissions Coach by contacting or clicking the button below.

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