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You probably have lots of question about what your path to success will look like as a coach.

To make your life easier, we've created a great resource for you that will answer all of your questions.

It's our Coaching 101 training. This video will provide you with everything you need to know about our program and how to get started.

This video is provided by Frank Macri, our Founder. Frank's vision and passion for coaching is palpable in this video, giving you a genuine feel for the heart and soul of our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment options?

Yes! Click here for an overview of our payment plans and funding options.

How do I enroll?

There a couple of ways to get started:

1) You can have a Guided Enrollment by scheduling a personalized Admissions Call  with our team. This would be the option for you if you  want discuss your journey with Thriving Coach Academy or if you have more specific question, or if you want us to figure out a plan for your success in the program.

2)The second option you have is our Self Enrollment process. This is the option for you if you are already "all in" and do not need to schedule an Admissions Call. If you choose this path, you also get a $500 discount applied to your tuition, giving you the lowest price available for enrollment. Click here to enroll immediately and get this discount applied to your tuition.

What is the next start date?

The three start dates are early May, early September and early January. You can enroll at anytime, and here are the benefits of enrolling well in advance of each start date:

1) Get A Head-Start: Once you enroll, you are given immediate access to our Core Training video series that will help you quickly master the basics of coaching. Reviewing this before your Module 1 will allow you to show up feeling more prepared and confident in your understanding of coaching principles.

2) Meet Your Peers Ahead Of Time: Once you enroll, you can join our weekly Practice Coaching calls and connect with other coaches like you, that way you see familiar faces by the time you get to you first weekend training module.

3) Have Your Manuals: Once you enroll, we ship out hard copies of your manuals. Having these with you during Module 1 will ensure you can follow along seamlessly with the training materials and reference them whenever needed.

What is the schedule and time commitment?

We have live calls every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We offer daytime and evening options so they are accommodating to different time zones. You will also participate in three half-day weekend modules that occur every two months, serving as your main checkpoints in the entire six month certification process.

You can anticipate devoting about 3-5 hours per week to the program. If you ever need to "pause" your participation in the Academy, we will support you in getting caught up to speed once you are ready to come back into the classroom.

How long does the program take the complete?

The program takes about 6 months to complete. Most of our students begin enrolling paying clients within their first 3 months being in the program.

Even after you are certified, you still benefit from your lifetime access to all our live training calls and business support. You can re-attend as many live lessons and coaching calls as you like.

If you want to earn your certification faster than 6 months, e-mail us that you would like to participate in our Accelerated Track. This allows you to get certified in three months.

What is the "success rate" of students?

Every student has a different definition of "success". Here are some statistics we have about our coach community:

1) About 30% of our coaches run full-time coaching businesses
2) About 40% of our coaches run part-time coaching businesses

3) About 30% of our coaches use coaching to enhance their current career

Over 50% of our coaches enroll paying clients by their 2nd month from their first training module.

Our program is designed for you to get results, and that's why we offer lifetime support. Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to receive feedback on your coaching and business mentorship.

Click here to listen to success stories of our past students.

 How much of the training involves pre-recorded videos vs live training calls?  

We have a large collection of pre-recorded video lessons for you to utilize to your liking. This gives you an overview of coaching tools and breakdowns of full coaching sessions for you to analyze. However, the majority of your skillset as a coach will come from our weekly live trainings, your private mentor coaching sessions and your group calls with your peers. You have lifetime access to all features of our program.

What is the curriculum and philosophy behind the tools that are taught?

You will learn a variety of research-based coaching tools to help your clients navigate various challenges. Our signature coaching tool is called Rulebook Coaching™, which is designed to help clients experience fast breakthroughs. Our curriculum synthesizes neuroscience, positive psychology, CBT and NLP. You may click here to learn more about our curriculum, coaching philosophy and a list of skills that are taught.

How do I talk about this opportunity with my partner or spouse?

Discussing this opportunity with your partner can be challenging, but here are some tips to navigate the conversation about coach training:

1) Express Your Passion: Share why a career in coaching means a lot to you. Highlight the ways it can benefit your relationship or family, such as providing financial freedom or more quality time with your kids. Help them see the positive impact this opportunity can have on your shared goals and dreams.

2) Seek Belief in You: Instead of asking for permission or convincing them about coaching, ask for their belief in you. Frame it as an invitation for them to support you on a deeper level. Emphasize that this is about personal growth and a shared journey that can strengthen your connection.

3) Share Success Stories: If your partner is looking for concrete evidence, feel free to share success stories from other students who have benefited from the program. This can provide tangible examples of the positive outcomes of coach training.

Remember, sometimes we need to make decisions for ourselves even if our loved ones aren't immediately on board. It can be tough, but pursuing your dreams is essential for creating the life you want.

Will I receive one-on-one mentorship?

Yes, you will have a dedicated Mentor Coach who will have private calls with you and give you personalized feedback on how to develop your coaching skills. You will also have the opportunity to receive additional feedback in our weekly Practice Coaching calls.

What kind of business strategies are taught?

With our Client Magnet Masterclass (included with your tuition), you will learn how to market yourself and attract clients. All of the strategies you learn are "organic", meaning no cold calling or high-pressure sales tactics. You will learn how to leverage and grow your following so that people are naturally drawn to work with you. You will also receive done-for-you templates supporting you in producing podcasts, social media posts, and workshops.

Will I get tech support?

Yes, we will provide total guidance in setting up proper website, funnel and marketing channels for your business. You have lifetime access to our team for any tech-related questions you may have in setting up your coaching business online.

What is the examination process to obtain certification?

Upon fulfilling the training requirements, you'll be eligible to complete our final exam, encompassing both an oral and a written segment. Your evaluation will be based on the alignment of your coaching with our established rubric and the ICF Core Competencies.

Is the program accredited, and how do I earn my ICF credentials?

We are an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (Level 1 and Level 2). This means that when you graduate from our program, you will earn our certification, which also has the ICF logo. While acquiring additional ICF credentials (i.e., ACC or PCC ) is an optional pursuit, our program will guide you through the process.

There are three steps to acquiring ICF credentials: education hours, coaching hours and the credentialing exam. Thriving Coach Academy will provide you with 175+ hours of coaching education. Then, we will provide you with opportunities to obtain your required 500 coaching hours for ACC or PCC credentials. Last, we will equip you for success in the credentialing exam, assuring you approach it with confidence. You will earn all requirements necessary to obtain ICF credentials if that is something you desire.

What is the classroom/cohort size, and will I have networking opportunities with them?

We have an average of 10-15 students per cohort, creating a more intimate learning environment. Our training is highly interactive, so you will have ample opportunities to connect with coaches just like you as you go through the program. You will have the opportunity to connect with your assigned cohort and the rest of our active coach community.

Is there DEI education included in the curriculum?

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on fostering an inclusive and diverse coaching environment. Our program includes dedicated modules on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) education, ensuring that our coaches are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to engage effectively with clients from various backgrounds and experiences.

What if I am not ready to quit my job?

No need to quit your job! The Academy is designed to be flexible, allowing you to pursue your coaching aspirations without disrupting your current employment. The curriculum is structured to accommodate various schedules, and you can access resources, attend live sessions, and engage with your cohort at times that work for you. Many of our successful coaches began their journey while working full-time.

Will I get direct mentorship and coaching from Frank?

Yes, Frank is very involved in the program. You will have opportunities to receive support from him and the rest of our incredible team.

What if I am already a trained and/or experienced coach? Do you offer Master Coach Training?

Yes! If you already have a strong grasp of how to navigate a coaching session, click here to learn about the Master Coach Training.

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